Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is essential for optimum health and performance of muscles and nerves and for normal growth and development of cells. It is essential for a healthy immune system and provides resistance to infections including colds and flu.

A healthy level of vitamin D protects the body from a large number of diseases and may curb development of diseases including: arthritis, asthma, certain cancers, heart disease, blood pressure, chronic pain, dental caries, diabetes, fractures, falls, inflammatory bowel diseases, influenza, multiple sclerosis, pre-eclampsia, rickets, septicaemia, and tuberculosis. Vitamin D also helps with a healthy pregnancy and birth, improves fertility of men and women and is essential for absorption of calcium and the healthy growth of bones and teeth.

D Microgel capsules are very small

  • Easy to swallow, even without water. Tasteless
  • No artificial flavours or colours, free of most allergens
  • Suitable for all ages, all faiths
  • Great value
  • Very stable, lasts more than three years
Why I take Vitamin D?
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