Almost everyone needs to take vitamin D for full health and fitness. Modern life means we do not get out enough into the sun so the vitamin can be made in bare skin. Taking a vitamin D supplement not only adds to health it increases muscular strength and fitness, steadies the old, improves athletic performance, and energises all.

The Vitamin D Company is dedicated to eradicating vitamin D deficiency. We promote healthy exposure to sunshine and we provide world class vitamin D Microgel capsules, the smallest possible, manufactured to our specification in the USA. To order by phone call 07761379939. For detailed information on Vitamin D and its multiple uses, go to

D Microgel capsules are suitable for all faiths, for vegetarians, sports men and women and for people with asthma and allergies. No added dairy, gluten, peanut, soya, starch, sugar, or yeast. No artificial colors or sweeteners. Suitable for all ages: adults and children, including babies after weaning. Easy for the elderly.

We appreciate that there are many places you can buy your Vitamin D.  In addition to providing you with a quality product we also undertake to keep our customers aware of new development with Vitamin D. New data is constantly being generated. We provide our customers with updates via our newsletter whenever significant new data is generated.

D Microgel capsules are very small

  • Easy to swallow, even without water. Tasteless
  • No artificial flavours or colours, free of most allergens
  • Suitable for all ages, all faiths
  • Great value
  • Very stable, lasts more than three years
Why I take Vitamin D?
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